Revolutionized garden: Gilles Clement at Orticolario ’17

If there is one person who has revolutionized the classical idea of gardens the most, it is the French landscape designer and writer, Gilles Clément. In his research, he focused on the “friche” or the “uncultivated.” He studied the soil on the edges of roads and in abandoned spaces, urban areas, and potential building sites. These were places where nature had reclaimed the space.

Gilles Clément classifies the places as “Third Landscapes”, challenging the way people think about the traditional idea of a garden. By leaving the Third Landscapes to thrive without a lot of human intervention, he radically changes our concept of garden aesthetics.

His determination and hard work continues to influence the minds of thousands of people around the world. Those who are interested will have the opportunity to listen to him speak near Ronco dell’Abate at Orticolario. Every year in September, there is a cultural event dedicated to gardening and enriching Como and the surrounding region.

Orticolario is a free event that began as a tribute to nature. Inspired by evolving gardening concepts and bound by a love of gardening, it was started by a group of friends, with the support of the historic Comense Ortofloricola Society and the Florovivaistico District of Lombardia.

The even it held at the prestigious location of Villa Erba in Cernobbio. The villa, with its park by the lake and an exclusive exhibition center, has been inspired by the traditions of the past Larian villas. These villas have interesting nursery exhibitions and offer visitors luscious landscapes, spectacular botany, and great biodiversity.

The ninth edition of Orticolario is on Thursday, September 28th in the splendid setting of Villa Erba. It will open with the “Charity Dinner 2017” in honor of the French writer and landscape designer, Gilles Clément, as well as six charities in Larian.

On Friday, September 29, 2017 at 16.00 in the Gardenia Space, the French writer and landscape artist, Ala Cernobbio, will speak with the writer and director of the French magazine, Jardins, Marco Martella. They will be introduced by Moritz Mantero and moderated by the director of Gardenia magazine, Emanuela Rosa Clot. It is a unique opportunity that should not be missed.

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