Have a full experience at Ronco dell’Abate

We offer guests spectacular hospitality combined with a taste of Como’s rich culture, including authentic food and wine, as well as a quiet, introspective atmosphere. It is the ideal environment to hold work meetings and social gatherings or to reflect and redefine one’s own goals and priorities. We go beyond classical hospitality and tourism, believing that our work is not just to provide entertainment, but an experience. We are able to provide the perfect experience for you because we are knowledgable and value quality in our work.

Our core belief remains the same as the one described by Gianfranco Miglio in an interview from the seventies. He declared, “The guest apartment – then there was only one, in pure Empire style – is accessible by a spiral staircase that connects it with the library and the cellar below, so ideally any respected friend can find a good book and have a good glass of wine at any time of the night.”


The luscious garden surrounding the house is rich with botanical plants which are naturally maintained by the mild, often fresh climate of Lake Como. Tall beech and oak trees provide a shady entrance, while a colorful rose garden fills the courtyard that leads guests to a large stone staircase with an impressive antique door that is dominated by the family’s coat of arms. Through a pergola, under a large magnolia tree and a fragrant sweet osmanthus plant, is a cooler and more intimate garden. There are tables in a meadow where you can drink something and read a newspaper or a book in silence.



The library and study can be used at set times and also by request, allowing curious guests to read books on a wide range of subjects from many different time periods. The library’s spectacular collection is a result of the scholarly passions of its landlord. The study, encased in wooden walls and shelves with books, allows 6-8 people to work around an oval, early twentieth century table. In the daytime, there is always someone available to assist guests and advise them what to see, do, and experience.

Rare book taken from Ronco dell'Abate library


The large kitchen can serve food and drink at any time of day as well as in the evening. Breakfast is served on vintage tables in a large, bright garden room or outside in the adjacent terrace. These spaces also serve aperitifs on-demand. Lovely local wines that have been produced on nearby properties in the far north of Lake Como are masterfully accompanied by refined, freshly made appetizers. In the garden under a rustic American grapevine, there are tables and benches surrounded by a low stone wall and a wood burning oven, where guests can live moments of amazing refreshment.



We can host a diverse number of events to enrich your stay at Ronco dell’Abate. Some of these events include book presentations, musical experiences with a piano in the main room, Italian and foreign wines tastings and art exhibitions displaying ceramics, prints, jewelry, clothing, and more. Contact us to know more.