It was in the 1960’s when Gianfranco Miglio, at that time head of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Catholic University of Milan, then Senator of the Republic, decided to build a large house on top of the hill overlooking the southern part of Como. He wanted this building, inspired by the style of the Lombard farmhouse, with its typical low arches and rustic plaster, to accommodate his and his wife Myriam friends, some dozen of thousands of rare books he had been collecting for years, and the wines produced in his farms located on the far north of Lake Como.
The idea was that all this could be located in refined tasteful environments, lying in the middle of an isolated garden full of botanical species. With the help of architect Fulvio Cappelletti, he designed the building, whose construction ended only in the early seventies and took the name of Ronco dell’Abate. Infact, from some historical testimonies, it seemed that the vineyard of the Abbot of Como was there in the terracing of that hill,  whose footprint remains in some vineyards and an orchard, that the owner wanted to reproduce in memory of the original placement.

Everything started with a personality like Gianfranco Miglio, intellectual and politician.
An area full of charme, all to be discovered, with excellent products, including silk and wine.

Como keeps riches to be discovered, destined for a more careful and sought after tourism. Stunning views of a land made of water and mountains, monuments and historic sites, excellence including the silk industry, the legacy of illustrious past characters including Alessandro Volta and the architect Terragni. The city of Como can be the perfect starting point for exploring the Lombardy region, perhaps also experiencing the thrill of sailing the Lario (local lake name), touching the various villages facing on the lake and learning the history and traditions still live today in the narrow streets of medieval villages. The prestigious villas along the shore of the lake, which together with landscapes have often become a movie set of great ambience, tell of noble party and luxury holidays, and it is not uncommon to meet a vip of the world of entertainment and culture choosing Como as a frame of their vacations or a place to find shelter to regenerate. Como’s tourist offer includes a fair number of quality events and festivals, including the Parolario Literary Festival, held in June and featuring prominent names in the city; the Lake Como Festival, classical music festival in August, located in the beautiful villas and gardens overlooking the lake; Como Città dei Balocchi, an event dedicated to children and families that ends at the end of November to early January and continues to create a fabulous Christmas atmophere, and finally the Palio of Baradello, an emotional historical demonstration with a race, that traces the historical events associated with Frederick Barbarossa.