Milan Fashion Week

Fashion week is almost upon us. From Wednesday 20 to Monday 25 September, Milan will reveal the spring-summer 2018 collections from all of the most important brands.
Gucci, Armani, Prada, Jil Sanders, and many other big fashion companies will present their collections chic locations throughout Milan and during catwalks, presentations, and cocktail parties. Naturally, many VIPs are expected to attend Fashion Week, from models, to actors to important people who simply cannot resist the appeal of the “big four,” or the four highly regarded events in the fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

Numerous exciting events are planned, including the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, which will be held on Sunday the 24th at the Teatro della Scala. Thanks to the partnership of the Italian National Chamber of Fashion and Eco-Age, a consulting agency that creates solutions for brands’ environmental and social impacts, there will be a new award dedicated to sustainability in fashion.

If you are looking for a charming place to stay during the days of Milan Fashion Week, remember that Ronco dell’Abate is only about three quarters of an hour from the event. Take refuge and relax in the marvelous landscape of Lake Como. Ronco dell’Abate is the perfect opportunity for a unique experience in a beautiful place. Taste, culture, and hospitality are always upheld at Ronco dell’Abate.

For fashion industry insiders and “fashion tourists,” Ronco dell’Abate is an interesting place to stay, because it is in the heart of the silk district. This precious, trendy fabric, which has been expertly made in Como for centuries, has placed Italy at the top of the world’s textile industry.

The silk came from the Far East around 1400. Soon after, mulberry trees, whose leaves serve to nourish silkworms, were planted. In the eighteenth century, there already were 248 spinning mills and Como became Europe’s manufacturer of silk fabric. The workers in the mills make exquisite silk scarves, sweaters, scarves, ties, and curtains. Como manufactures such a wide range of esteemed silk products that even the Chinese, who were the first to work with silk, now reproduce them.

Find the calendar of shows and events for Milan Fashion Week 2018 here: