Parolario, reading on the lakeshore

The festival, ”Parolario,” has a comprehensive agenda, including meetings with writers, philosophers, and poets, as well as lectures, debates, music, walks, exhibitions, shows, and films. The agenda grows every year.

From the main office of Villa Olmo to the Tempio Voltiano, from Villa del Grumello to Villa Sucota, and from Villa Bernasconi to Cernobbio to Villa Calvi-Talbot in Blevio, each location of Parolario’s events are enchanting.

The 2018 motto of the eighteenth festival is “Everyone reading” Not only does Parolario have exciting meetings and performances, but it also has workshops focused on living more actively and creatively. Get involved and try out some new activities, such as knitting, creative writing, and yoga, at these workshops.

The guests who have attended the previous festivals include Gianni Vattimo, Michael Jakob, Oscar Farinetti, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, Massimo Fini, Edoardo Nesi, Stefano Benni, Guido Catalano, Franco Arminio, Davide Paolini, and many others. Admission is free to Parolario. The 2018 program is currently being prepared, so further information will be available on the event website: